Pharmaceutical Compaction

At IPA, we offer an advanced range of OEM pharmaceutical roller compactors, similar to the Fitzpatrick Chilsonator line. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, our twin feed screw roller compactors offer exceptional performance, precision, and reliability.

IPA’s pharmaceutical roller compactors are meticulously engineered to enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and maintain strict quality control.. Our compactors produce uniform particle size & product density with results scalable across the product line. At Innovative Process Applications, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts works directly with the customer to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions. We offer comprehensive support, including validation assistance, training, ongoing maintenance and technical assistance.

Choose IPA and experience the difference our pharmaceutical roller compactors can make in optimizing your manufacturing processes and delivering superior performance and reliability.

IPA Models: IR2x8, CL1x8, CL2x8, CL3x8, CL4x10
Equivalents: IR520, CCS320, CCS520, CCS720, CCS1025

Lab Sanitary Mill – LSM

The LSM is built for companies who want quality & function with an improved design for R&D facilities, similar to the Fitzmill L1A. This impact mill plays a significant role in pharmaceutical milling as it reduces particle sizes of raw compact or raw materials to enhance flowability, solubility, & bioavailability. In majority of applications, the LSM will provide a uniform particle size distribution, as compared to a conical mill.

Additionally, this pharmaceutical mill was designed with convenience and safety in mind. It offers interchangeable impact, knife, and bar rotors, and is equipped with a vacuum system to create a negative flow through the mill. Each rotor has its own function based on the particle size required. The flexibility of this R&D mill allows the customer to achieve a wide range of particle sizes based on application requirements. The impact rotor is ideal for producing fine particle distributions (APS 125-600 micron), the knife rotor is used to produce coarser particle sizes (APS 600-1400 micron), and bar rotor is ideal for milling previously roll compacted material (APS 1400-4000 micron). ***General APS guidelines as material can vary in behavior.***

This mill reduces particle size using an “in-air” impact method. Unlike other more aggressive “compression” or “pinching” methods between the rotor and screen, impact milling shatters material along its natural “fracture point” resulting in the highest first impact yield. This technique is preferred as it minimizes the percentage of material requiring a second impact, maintains a lower temperature, and reduces overall fines generation.

*Optional Add Ons: Rotary Valve Feeder, Bar Rotor, Power Supply Converter


Desired features include: 

  • Front Screen Access Door  
  • Rear Access Pannel to the Technical Area 
  • Quick Disconnect Drive Shaft Assembly
  • 2-Step Blade Safety Access
  • Scalable Across the Product Line 
  • Power: 220V Single Phase

Nutraceutical Compaction

Discover IPA’s nutraceutical roller compactor, mimicking the pharmaceutical design and a staple in the industry. Manufactured specifically for the nutraceutical market, our roller compactor offers a cost-effective solution to exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency. As with all of the IPA Roller Compactors, the nutraceutical line was designed to ensure uniformity particle size & product density with results scalable across the product line. Experience enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and a user-friendly interface/controls. At IPA, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line equipment that meets the unique needs of nutraceutical manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about our nutraceutical roller compactors and revolutionize your manufacturing processes.