IPA takes pride in designing and manufacturing the highest quality roller compaction systems in the industry.

IPA Roller Compactors are turnkey and suited for industrial, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical applications. This compactor features a desired twin feed screw design with capability to independently adjust feed rate and deaeration. Specifically, the HFS controls system throughput while the VFS controls pre-compression of the material into the rolls. The twin feed screw design maintains lower system operating temperatures and is ideal for processing a wide range of materials. Additionally, it is proven to be exceptionally efficient with lighter bulk density powders containing large amounts of air.

The IPA Roll Compaction System is fully equipped with roller compactor, mill, screener, and elevator/conveyor. Our custom designed PLC control system can integrate with your up and down stream equipment and has the ability to communicate with your local DCS. Unit sizes are available for rates as low as 100 kgs/hr to 5000 kgs/hr based on product density and product yield.

Our mission is to provide more than just a high-quality machine. IPA differs from other manufacturers as we prefer to work directly with your engineers in order to customize all system components and meet your specific application requirements. Our knowledgeable team provides ongoing collaboration and aftermarket support to ensure the roll compaction system consistently runs at optimum performance.

System Design Features

Overall Dimensions (Inches)

Machine Size “A” “B” “C” “D” “E” Weight (lbs)
4×10 82 24 59 5-1/2 70 6,200
7×10 90 24 03 2004 62-1/4 10-1/2 71 6,900
8×12 111-1/2 28 01 2004 79-3/16 9-1/8 77 9,600
12×12 116-1/2 33-1/4 81-7/8 8-3/4 84 20,000
12×16 117 32-1/4 98-1/4 13 88 18,700
12×20 126 27 03 2004 100 14 105 24,000
16×20 133 41 108-1/2 12-3/4 104 25,600

Full Inline Sampling

Our unique design allows for full product sampling of both roll compacted and milled product.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


IPA’s bucket elevator is sturdy, reliable, and dust tight for 24/7 operation – one of the best in the industry. Its unique vertical design compliments our roll compactor system as it provides a uniform blend of recycle and fresh feed to the rolls. This elevator is designed to be low maintenance, with hinged doors allowing easy access for dry cleaning. An additional benefit of using IPA’s vertical bucket elevator over other forms of product conveying includes lower annual operating costs.