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Transforming Ideas into

High Quality Performance

Specializing in Custom Roll Compaction & Size Reduction Equipment

Innovative Process Applications Team


Innovative Process Applications

IPA provides knowledge & support during any phase of a new or ongoing application- from initial R&D, to contract manufacturing, equipment sales, and aftermarket support. We understand every application is unique and supply an individualized plan based on your requirements.

At IPA you have access to:

  • Custom Roll Compaction and Milling Equipment
  • Dry Granulation & Size Reduction Expertise
  • A Dedicated Team with Extensive Lab Testing Knowledge
  • Direct Communication with the Engineers
  • Prompt Aftermarket Support
  • Analytical and Innovative Problem Solving
  • Niché Market Contract Manufacturing, USDA Organic Certified
  • Global Experience with CE Certification
  • Expertise in Fitzpatrick Chilsonators & Fitzmills

Roller Compaction


Size Reduction


Aftermarket Support


Contract Manufacturing


Equipment Refurbishing

Innovative Process Applications

Mission Statement

IPA’s goal is simple – to engineer the highest quality equipment within the industry. Our expert team strives to transform ideas of innovation into quality products and services for our customers. With a global customer base, we understand every application is unique, relies on collaboration, and requires reliable aftermarket service to support future growth.

Innovative Process Applications


IPA strives to optimize performance and maximize efficiency of newer and aging applications. Explore IPA’s services to see how we can be of assistance with R&D, niche market studies, re-building, and timely spare parts for minimal loss in production.


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IPA is here when others are not. Whether you’re in need of spare parts, or have a process question, we are here to enhance the performance of your current application or provide assistance with a new one.

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Our Clients Say

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. I so appreciated your support and your help. Thank you for patience in answering all of my questions and in helping me think through the challenges with our processes. You are fabulous. The folks at OWH are using the plans we developed to move forward with the redesign of the milling operation.”
“I had the pleasure to work with these entrepreneurs at The Fitzpatrick Company. They were top notch at what they did and have brought those skills to this business. I highly recommend you consider them for your powder processing requirements.”
Scott Patterson

“I worked with Jerry, John , and Mike for nearly 10 years at The Fitzpatrick Company. I was selling equipment to the pharmaceutical industry at the time in the North East. I gave them many challenging applications for pharmaceutical process equipment and they made sure the equipment was what I promised, every time. I would not hesitate to contact Jerry, John, or Mike for any powder processing needs, whether it be a pharmaceutical, chemical, or food product.”

Les Lattig
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