With over fifty years combined experience in lab testing & dry granulation, the IPA Team provides a knowledge-based contract manufacturing service.

The IPA in-house roller compaction systems are organic certified and can accommodate initial market studies, with the capability to scale up to larger production systems for companies looking to expand production. IPA distinguishes itself from competitors by supporting companies with niche market requests – tolling smaller batch sizes from as little as 50lbs to 3,000 lbs or more.

IPA dives into the science of roll compaction and recognizes the requirements to bring a new material into the marketplace. Our complete understanding of roll compaction allows for a quick turnaround from R&D, to providing customer samples, and through contract manufacturing. Properly adjusting various machine settings, such as feed rate, motor speeds, and roll pressure will improve flowability, density, and reduce dust, resulting in a quality final product.

Our compaction systems have multiple roll profiles available to process a wide range of materials; including, but not limited to, alumina trihydrate, urea, potassium chloride, various plastic additives (antioxidants).

Please contact us for pricing and machine availability for your current toll processing needs.