Non-Dairy Mills:

IPA mills, equivalent to the Fitzmill, are known for their robust, rugged design as well as flexibility to provide a range of particle sizes. Our mill can be configured for a variety of applications and is compatible with vacuum conveying or gravity feed. The mill is reputable as a low maintenance and durable piece of equipment, specializing in fine chemicals and food. All product contact parts are stainless steel for long term processing with consistent results. Our line of mills are manufactured based on your application requirements for maximum control of powder properties, such as particle size, flowability, density, color, etc.

Four machine sizes available.


Dairy Mills:

IPA manufactures a mill design built according the USDA Dairy guidelines. This unit is preferred in the Dairy and Food industries as it is designed and machined using plate weldments. Due to the generally harsh washing demands of dairy mills, it’s manufactured using high polish, unexposed threads, and continuous radius welds to ease the task.

Three machine sizes available.