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IPA’s Philosophy – The Fundamental Size Reduction Process

As the name implies, Size Reduction is the fundamental process of reducing the dimensions of a material to achieve smaller, more optimal particle sizes. It serves as a cornerstone in various industries, offering the versatility to enhance material properties for a wide range of applications. Whether employed independently or synergistically with a roll compaction unit,

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IPA LSM Mill: A Benchtop Lab Scale Mill

  The LSM represents an advanced solution for companies seeking quality and functionality in their R&D facilities, mirroring the Fitzmill L1A. As a pivotal component in pharmaceutical milling, this mill excels in reducing particle sizes of both roll compacted sheets and/or feed materials, thereby enhancing flowability, solubility, and bioavailability. In most applications, the LSM ensures

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Powder Processing Mills – Rotor Repairs & Rebuilds

PRINT THIS POST IPA designs and manufactures powder processing equipment known for strong performance & durability. Specifically, the IPA Mill requires minimal maintenance & is built for the most rugged applications. Although routine inspections are always advised, mills will occasionally require replacement parts to sustain optimal performance levels.

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What does the IPA Mill do? Features & Benefits

The IPA Mill, similar to the Fitzpatrick Fitzmill, is a type of comminutor used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. The primary function of the IPA Mill & Fitzmill is to reduce the size of particles through a size reduction process, making it a crucial tool for even particle distribution. Here

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Impact Milling Vs. Comil

PRINT THIS POST Common Misconceptions An Impact mill creates more fines than the Comil. TRUTH: Impacting the particle reduced overall fines, as compared to the Comil “crushing” method. An Impact mill creates a wider particle size distribution compared to a Comil. TRUTH: An impact mill hits each particle with the same impact force, creating a

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