IPA Applications LSM-5 LIGHTING 2 CC

The LSM represents an advanced solution for companies seeking quality and functionality in their R&D facilities, mirroring the Fitzmill L1A. As a pivotal component in pharmaceutical milling, this mill excels in reducing particle sizes of both roll compacted sheets and/or feed materials, thereby enhancing flowability, solubility, and bioavailability. In most applications, the LSM ensures a consistent particle size distribution, surpassing that of a conical mill.

Prioritizing convenience and safety, this pharmaceutical mill boasts a user-friendly design. It features interchangeable impact, knife, and bar rotors, complemented by a vacuum system facilitating the required negative flow through the mill. Each rotor serves a distinct purpose based on the desired particle size, offering the desired flexibility for a wide range of applications. The impact rotor excels in producing fine particle distributions (APS 125-600 microns), while the knife rotor is proficient at generating coarser particle sizes (APS 600-1400 microns). The bar rotor, ideal for milling roll-compacted materials, achieves particle sizes ranging from APS 1400-4000 microns, though actual results may vary based on material characteristics.

Operating with an “in-air” impact method, this mill employs a technique that shatters material along its natural fracture points, resulting in optimal first impact yield. Unlike more aggressive compression or pinching methods, this approach minimizes the need for secondary impacts, maintains lower temperatures, and reduces fines generation, aligning with preferred practices in pharmaceutical milling.

Desired Features Include:

  • Front Screen Access Door
  • Rear Access Pannel to the Technical Area
  • Quick Disconnect Drive Shaft Assembly
  • 2-Step Blade Safety Access
  • Scalable Across the Product Line
  • Power: 220V Single Phase