Customers frequently ask the questions “when & how long is contract manufacturing best for my product? Is it cost effective?” There are many individual situations amongst companies with often individual answers, as each has a different/unique concern with their application. Here is a general guideline of initial questions to be considering.

Contract Manufacturing can be of value when:

  • You have a new product breaking into the market
  • You want to internally test product quality characteristics
  • Developing sustainable product sales
  • Determining the cost to bring your product into the market place
  • Production is required beyond your current capabilities
  • Your goal is to purchase a new roll compactor system

IPA’s Contract Manufacturing facility houses two complete OEM twin feed screw roll compaction systems (including – screener, recycle conveyer, and initial feed hopper). Our smaller system is beneficial for smaller batch sizes of product. When you are ready to increase production rates, our larger compactor may be the best application based on your product amount and timeline.

The goal of contract manufacturing is to produce a quality product for our customer’s end use. With over 45 years of process experience, IPA offers a variety of solutions to accommodate your needs; beginning with initial testing, through contract manufacturing, & leading to equipment sales. Beyond contract manufacturing, if your goal is to acquire equipment, IPA will determine the design requirements for scaling to your production needs.