Roller compaction equipment plays a vital role in transforming powdered materials into compacted sheets, offering enhanced efficiency and productivity when processing for further use. The IPA Roller Compactor is designed and manufactured in-house with equivalents to the Fitzpatrick Chilsonator. IPA can provide full- scale services with initial R&D testing, small or large batch Contract Manufacturing (Toll Processing) services, and custom equipment design directly for your needs.

To cater to the unique requirements of different industries, IPA manufactures custom designed roller compaction equipment for customized solutions. Whether that means a unique, independent design, or enhancing our current IPA roller compactor design. We understand materials used in pharmaceutical products, chemicals, food processing, and cosmetics have distinct characteristics, requiring tailored equipment for optimal results.

Additionally, IPA manufactures size reduction equipment, with reliable & consistent performance, integrating stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. By utilizing premium-grade materials and adhering to industry standards, we ensure durable and long-lasting equipment. Our experience and familiarity within the industries translates into smooth operations, reduced downtime, consistent output, and maximized productivity. IPA manufactures roller compaction equipment with continuous innovation, always striving to enhance efficiency & safety, as well as incorporate new technologies for a user friendly experience.

If roll compaction is your end goal, IPA can ease you through the transitions of research & design, customer samples, contract manufacturing/toll processing, and scaling to the most appropriately size roller compactor system to meet your demands.

As advancements continue, roller compaction equipment will play an increasingly significant role in achieving efficiency, productivity, and superior product quality.