Do You Have A Current Roll Compaction/Milling Application That IPA Can Assist With?

Do You Need Contract Manufacturing Services For Your Product?

Roll Compactors, Mills, & Elevators

• Turnkey Compaction Systems
• Controls Integration
• Robust 24/7 Process

Contract Manufacturing

• Dry Granulation
• 2 Fully Equipped Compaction Systems
• Uniform Product Quality

Equipment Refurbishing

• Complete Pharma, food, & Industrial Machine Repair
• Update PLC Control Platform
• IPA & Fitzpatrick™ Equipment

Spare Parts

• Complete Roll Repair
• Complete Mill/Granulator Rotor Repair
• Custom Fabricated Parts for Pharma, Food, Industrial Applications
• IPA Compactors & Fitzpatrick Chilsonators™

IPA offers a variety of solutions to accommodate your needs – beginning with initial testing, through contract manufacturing, & leading to equipment sales.

Mission Statement

IPA’s goal is simple – to engineer the highest quality equipment within the industry. Our expert team strives to transform ideas of innovation into quality products and services for our customers. With a global customer base, we understand every application is unique, relies on collaboration, and requires reliable aftermarket service to support future growth.